How To Buy and Sell Homes

How To Buy and Sell Homes

My system of buying and selling homes is specifically designed for home buyers and sellers that (i) want to keep more of their money, (ii) want to learn how to invest in real estate to generate multiple streams of income to support the lifestyle they want to live.



I specialize in flipping homes for profit, finding excellent properties for rental income investment, or help home buyers and sellers maximize value when buying/selling homes.

There is a nice sample of photo's of homes renovated and sold on my real estate website, along with homes I have helped other home buyers and and sell a home.

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35 years combined experience as a contractor - real estate broker.

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When Deck Staining Colors Don't Match you pressure wash and clean the deck and buy three gallons of stain. And just by chance the first two gallons you open are this brownish looking color called "redwood" something, and you think, "doesn't look like any redwood stain I've seen before, but maybe it's a brownish redwood." You carry on and you get down to the last five feet and open the last gallon and boom! Ah, there's the redwood. Now you've got two colors.

Somewhere down the line some redwood stain got mixed wrong at the factory, and the owner graciously goes to the store. The store employee pulls 10 gallons off the shelf, and finds several mistinted redwoods. So, we got as close as we could, and wouldn't you know it the homeowner got 3 free gallons of stain.

Two coats, two different colors. Perfect! 

Thanks Joan!

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Chimney Repairs Using A Sixty Foot Ladder

It's been a really long time since I went up on one of these 60 foot ladders for chimney repairs. It's an adventure, but it had to be done.

Mark and I have done some nice jobs together over the years. It took us 4 days to replace the corners with "No Rot" PVC boards and most of the siding with Hardi-Plank. Then we painted everything down to where we could reach it all with the 40' ladders.

The missing piece on the corner under the ladder was as high as the 40' ladders would take us.

It's really not as bad as it seems, you just have to get used to it.

So what is up there?? Rust!

What I did when I got up there was wire brush all the rust down. Then I applied a rust converter to turn it black, sort of converting the rust back into a what I call a "quasi" metal. Then I applied Rust-Oleum's brown "Rusty Metal Primer", and then two coats of Rust-Oleum's "Black Semi-Gloss" finish.

Once the chimney cap was restored Mark and I moved that beast of a 60' ladder to the side of the chimney and completed the rest of the repairs, and painted down to where we could reach the rest with the 40' ladders, and home free.

If you or anyone you know is in need of home repairs or is looking to buy or sell real estate please contact me.

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Pressure Washed Clean

Pressure Washing For The Raleigh-Durham-Triangle Area Real Estate Market

Thanks Cathy


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Pressure Washed For The Spring Real Estate Market

Pressure washed exterior and some fresh paint touch up helped get this 1400SF ranch ready for the Spring real estate market.

Thanks Jennifer and Brian, and good luck!

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets

One of the projects you like to get finished before the Spring pollen gets here. Painting kitchen cabinets on a cool Winter's day.
Thanks Charlotte and Bill.

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Painting Green Over Red In The Kitchen

Kitchen in North Raleigh going green over red with Benjamin Moore Eggshell finish.

Thanks Helen!

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Putnam Ivory

Finishing up this week in Durham with Benjamin Moore's Putnam Ivory. Thanks Shawana.


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How To Select Paint Colors

When selecting color for a room you always find the fabric first. These bed linen's provided the base to start from in which the owner took the grayish light color for the walls, the light green for the master bath, and the dark charcoal for the all 'round accent color. This color concept enhanced the existing green glass tinted modern style headboard and black floor lamps.

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Pressure Washing Exterior Surfaces Adds Value and Curb Appeal

It's the little things that count when adding value to real property. Call or email for a free estimate or get information on the pressure washing services we provide at no cost when buying or selling a home in the Raleigh-Durham-Triangle area.

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Finished Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Refinished Kitchen Cabinets in Natural Pine Jell Stain and Urethane. 

Thanks Vicky and Wade!

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How To Stain Kitchen Cabinets

Sanded lightly and restained with a natural oil brush on rub off "jell" stain. 
Cleaned and Sanded

Rubbed on Jell Stain and Urethane

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Exterior Home Painting

Finished home in Cary, NC under some very large pine and shade tree's.

Thanks Sarah and John!

Chimney and Trim Repairs.

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Pressure Wash, Railings and Window Glaze

Thanks Dain and Laura!

Pressure Washing Clean Up

         Cleaned, Sanded, Primed and New Painted Railings

 Window Prep and Prime

New Glaze and Paint

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Exterior Painting Extreme Home Makeover

Exterior Painting From Blue To Light Gray and White. 

Thanks Wendy and Jacob!


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Deck Staining Before and After

Decks can be extremely low maintenance if you keep up with them with proper deck staining products, and really finish the back of your house.

Thanks Bill and Colleen!



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Deck Staining in April

Pressure washed, two coats of stain, and all ready for Summer. Thanks Mary!



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Painting in Winter

This house was started in December '09 but not completed until late February '10. We were able to get the prep work completed and oil primer applied where applicable, but the unusually brutally cold Winter we had this year delayed the project. We'd work when we could but our days were numbered. Still got the deck to stain once the pollen is all gone but overall things went well. Thanks Mary.

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Interior Painting and Move in Ready

Two nice pictures from the interior painting of a townhouse before moving in.

Thanks Donna.

Dining Room

Master Bathroom

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Interior Painting With Kids and Paint

I can not remember how I happened upon this picture, but every time I see it it reminds me of a job I did years ago for a lady in my old neighborhood.

She wanted her interior trim painted in an oil gloss and as I was painting a window she was standing behind me talking casually when all of a sudden I hear her gasp. Her infant son had quietly crawled onto a drop cloth I had set up as a work station behind us on the living room floor, and he had just dumped a whole gallon of the oil base gloss trim paint all over himself. In all the excitement she proceeded to sling oil paint all over the carpet, and then the dog got excited because she was excited and ran through the paint and then tracked it all over her house.

But sometimes even a bad situation can have a happy ending. She was able to claim the damaged carpet on her homeowners insurance and ended up getting new carpeting installed throughout the house for the $250 policy deductible, three weeks before her husband took a new job that sent them to Wisconsin.