When Deck Staining Colors Don't Match

Ok....so you pressure wash and clean the deck and buy three gallons of stain. And just by chance the first two gallons you open are this brownish looking color called "redwood" something, and you think, "doesn't look like any redwood stain I've seen before, but maybe it's a brownish redwood." You carry on and you get down to the last five feet and open the last gallon and boom! Ah, there's the redwood. Now you've got two colors.

Somewhere down the line some redwood stain got mixed wrong at the factory, and the owner graciously goes to the store. The store employee pulls 10 gallons off the shelf, and finds several mistinted redwoods. So, we got as close as we could, and wouldn't you know it the homeowner got 3 free gallons of stain.

Two coats, two different colors. Perfect! 

Thanks Joan!

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