Interior Painting With Kids and Paint

I can not remember how I happened upon this picture, but every time I see it it reminds me of a job I did years ago for a lady in my old neighborhood.

She wanted her interior trim painted in an oil gloss and as I was painting a window she was standing behind me talking casually when all of a sudden I hear her gasp. Her infant son had quietly crawled onto a drop cloth I had set up as a work station behind us on the living room floor, and he had just dumped a whole gallon of the oil base gloss trim paint all over himself. In all the excitement she proceeded to sling oil paint all over the carpet, and then the dog got excited because she was excited and ran through the paint and then tracked it all over her house.

But sometimes even a bad situation can have a happy ending. She was able to claim the damaged carpet on her homeowners insurance and ended up getting new carpeting installed throughout the house for the $250 policy deductible, three weeks before her husband took a new job that sent them to Wisconsin.