The History of Calvert Painting

I got my first painting job around 1969. I was 10 and my parents had me paint the backyard fence where we lived in Elk Grove Village, Ill. Mom said I was a natural. I never really stopped working with my hands after that.

I'd do small odd painting and carpentry jobs while attending Western Kentucky University in the late 70's and then in 1980 I officially started Calvert Painting and worked while finishing my B.S. in Communications at the University of New Haven.

My first truck was a 1977 Datsun pickup with 67,000 miles on it. I could not afford a new one at the time but I was able to stain a teachers house for it in trade.

I moved my business to Durham when I moved to North Carolina in 1988 and then to Raleigh in 1996.

Calvert Painting presently offers high quality residential and locally owned small commercial interior and exterior painting and staining, carpentry repairs, deck restoration and construction, wallpaper stripping, sheetrock repair, and pressure washing.

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